Why is a Logo Important?

A logo is critical for all businesses, no matter how big or small. A logo is a graphical representation which people will begin to recognize your company by. For this reason, it is essential that your logo be well-designed.


What Makes a Well Designed Logo?

A well designed logo should be the following:

  1. representative of your businesses
  2. easily recognizable
  3. simple
  4. memorable
  5. versatile


Why Choose Logo Design Services?

Anyone who has basic computer skills can attempt to create a logo. However, choosing to use the design services of a professional graphic designer will ensure that your logo is well-designed. A professional graphic designer has an education in logo design, the correct programs to create a logo with, years of experience designing, and stays up-to-date with current design trends. Check out some of the logos we've created for clients below.


What Does the Logo Design Process Look Like?

At Transform Design Group, we like to keep our clients involved in the logo design process through each step of the way. This ensures client satisfaction by making sure that our designers are on the same page as the client. We do our very best to make sure that the client's vision is taken into account and brought to life. At the same time, we provide the client with our expertise and guide the logo design process using our education and years of experience. Here is a sample outline of the Transform Design Group logo design process:

Step 1: The client completes a questionnaire about their company and their vision for the logo.
Step 2: We conduct any research that needs to be done and begin the idea phase.
Step 3: We start to implement our ideas into designs and create a few different logo options for the client to review.
Step 4: The client reviews the logo design options and provides us with feedback. We ask that the client choose one logo that the like best to move forward with.
Step 5: We implement any changes that the client would like to see to further improve the chosen logo. Once we feel the logo is complete, we send it to the client for review once more.
Step 6: The client can choose to accept the logo as is or ask for small tweaks (color, font, etc.)

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